Mequinenza, literary landscapes is an online space to promote tourism through culture and especially literature creating a touristic experience from the works of the writer Jesus Moncada and its connection to the landscapes of the old and new town of Mequinenza.

Mequinenza is not only the town where Jesús Moncada was born. Also it was his main source of inspiration and the location where his stories were developed. Thanks to Moncada, everyone knows the existence of this unique little town located at the confluence of three rivers (the Ebro, the Segre and the Cinca rivers) and its tragic history: the old town was flooded under the waters of the Ebro, the river that had also seen the population rise.

Through this website, we invite you to learn more about the old village of miners and boatmen, the Towpath, the Museums of Mequinenza, the linguistic heritage of the town and the new Mequinenza. A fascinating journey through history and the memories of a town that has resurfaced from the pulse of its demolition, the memory of time and the waters of the Ebro.